Face & Skin

The first step to your treatments includes a computerised skin analysis and a consultation. Then, a treatment plan can be formulated for you individually. These treatments may include some of the following:

  • Advanced skin evaluation & management
  • Anti-aging/ Skin Rejuvenation Face Mesotherapy
  • Chemical Peels – superficial, medium & deep
  • Aesthetic Face injections: Botulinum Toxin, Fillers and skin re-plumping injections
  • Lasers- fractional (Fraxel, Pearl, Picogenesis FX), NdYag, KTP (ExcelV), IPL, Radio-frequency, Plasma Lift and LED treatments
  • Lifting: Thermage, Titan and Thread lift procedures
  • Specific skin problems: pigmentation, sun-damage, acne, rosacea, scarring and skin imperfections
  • Management of scars, wounds and birthmarks
  • Removal of skin lesions.

Lips Enhancement Procedures

The lips are a major focus on the face, but also has the most differences between individuals, male vs female, ethnic differences and very different preferences or concerns.

This is why Dr Smit has an individualistic approach to evaluate the facial proportions in relation to the lips, listens to the concerns and demands from each patient and evaluates the specific concerns of lips and ageing around the lips. This ensures that your lip enhancement will be most suitable, natural and appropriate for your needs.

The different types of lip procedures can include:

  • Lip filling for beautification
  • Lip restoration for ageing changes, asymmetry or post scars
  • Ageing around the lips (lines around the mouth)
  • Correction of proportions of the lower face
  • Skin changes around the lips

Treatments to improve the lips could include either single or combined treatments which may include: fillers, botulinum toxin, threads, specific laser treatments, peels, plasma laser or revitalisation injections.

Your lip enhancement journey starts with a consolation and evaluation to ensure the most appropriate treatment. The specific treatments, their details, after care and cost will be discussed during the consultation.

Body & Body
Skin Treatments.

  • Treatment of sun spots, sun-damage and other body skin imperfections
  • Thermage body tightening
  • Cellulite Treatments and LPG Endermologie
  • Stretch mark Treatments
  • Mesotherapy for body
  • Sclerotherapy and vein treatments
  • Anti-aging treatments
  • Individual weight loss programs
  • NEW! BTL Emsculpt Bodysculpting, Muscle Toning and Non-invasive Buttlift

What Is New With
Skin Treatments?

Dr Riekie Smit has developed a new concept called ‘Bioskingineering’ that treats aging skin on each specific layer of the skin. Various international congresses and meetings have invited her to present this concept to doctors in Paris, Monaco, Athens, Beijing and Kuwait already. The treatment involves replacing essential nutrients and cellular matrix components back into each individual layer of the skin to reverese the aging process.

Now, even newer , the Nanosoft (TM) needle was developed. This makes this skin rejuvenation treatment within the dermis, even less painful and no bruises. Ideal to treat wrinkled skin, dark circles under the eyes and neck lines.

Individualised aesthetic medical treatments

Dr Riekie Smit focuses her treatment protocols on holistic treatment of the skin, face and body to suit each individual patients needs.

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